APPLICATIONS OPEN: Training with LUMS at USwat + grant funding for KP startups (Deadline Oct 3)

Dear Students,

The University of Swat in collaboration with LUMS and the KP Government is bringing the exciting KP Impact Challenge to your campus! 


You have the chance to be selected in an entrepreneurship program, where leading trainers from LUMS will provide you high-quality training, and grant funding from KP Government will help you start your business. 


If you are creative, like challenges and can work in a team, this opportunity is for you! 

Please see detailed instructions below.



The KP Impact Challenge program at your campus will have two parts: Teaching you how to build solutions, and mentoring you as entrepreneurs to start exciting new businesses.

-- Phase 1 will be a 6 day intensive training bootcamp, starting from Oct 15 to Oct 20, at University of Swat campus. In Phase 1 you will be taken through different stages of thinking like an entrepreneur, from solving a problem to building a solution.

-- Phase 2 will be over the next 4-6 weeks, with one-on-one sessions in person at your campus and some sessions over Skype to give your business proper incubation, with detailed mentoring to take your solution and build your very own startup. 


**You must make a team of 6 people and apply as a group. You cannot apply as an individual applicant as the program is designed for teams to get the training together. 

**You do not need to have a business idea or a current business. Only the desire to become an entrepreneur and be a shining star from KP!   


The best 5 teams who apply from University of Swat will be selected. So get your teams together and APPLY at this link before the deadline of Wednesday 3 Oct, by 5pm


Please follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Talk to your friends and colleagues and make a team with six members (including yourself). 

Step 2: Get together in one room and fill out the registration form though a single application form (click here for the Application Form). The application form allows you to fill the information for each of the 6 team members, one by one. You will fill your information one by one after clicking "Next" at the end of each page. 

**We only need one application form per group. No need to fill out six forms. 

**If you are part of one team, you cannot apply as a member of another team as well. 

**Application forms without 6 members will not be accepted

***DEADLINE TO SUBMIT APPLICATION: Wednesday 3 Oct, by 5pm

Step 3: Once you complete the application form, wait to hear from LUMS on whether your team has been shortlisted for an interview. Interviews will be conducted at University of Swat campus on Friday 5 October. All team members must be present for the interview.

Step 4: The best 5 teams will be selected after the interview round and informed by Monday 8 October. If your team is selected, you will be given training as follows: 

--Oct 15 - Oct 20: 6 days of training (full day) at University of Swat campus

--Nov 5 - Nov 10: one-on-one sessions with teams at University of Swat campus

--Nov 12 - Nov 17: one-on-one sessions with teams at University of Swat campus

--Nov 19 - Dec 1: one-on-one sessions, remotely over Skype

--Dec 15: Grant giving event/ Closing ceremony 

We look forward to seeing you at the KP Impact Challenge Bootcamp! 

If you have any questions, please email or call 0343-511-9626.



LUMS School of Education