Swat is one of the most gorgeous and historical valleys in Pakistan. It is lush green and fertile, because of its lofty mountains that catch the monsoon and cyclonic rainfall. Its natural beauty and hospitality of its people, it is aptly known as “paradise on earth”. Culturally, the valley is rich  in Ghandhara Civilization and archeological sites where monuments are located. Local arts and crafts are also famous which has made the valley a popular spot for attracting the tourists form in and abroad. Especially, in the summer season, tourism reaches to the peak in the valley generating sufficient revenues for the business community. The development of hotel industry is the outcome of increasing tourism which is another source of employment and income for the local people. The soil and people of Swat have demonstrated inherent potential to face any peculiar challenges of the time and bravely crossed all barriers effectively in the way to their objectives.

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