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Rules and Regulations for Admission BBA, BS and Master


  • Admissions for BS/ BBA/Bachelor (4 years), BBS, MA/M.Sc (2 years), LL.B, Law and Sharia’ (5 years), M.Phil / MS, MBA (1.5 year) and PhD degree programs are made every year for Fall Semester  
  • Admissions are announced soon after the declaration of Intermediate / Bachelor / Master results by Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education / University. For attracting and informing the potential students, the university extensively advertised the admissions in both print and electronic media.
  • The University reserves the right to choose appropriate media for the advertisement of admissions and it is entirely the responsibility of the candidate to follow such announcements.
  • Admissions are based upon careful review of all credentials presented by the applicant. These applications will be considered without regard to race, gender, religion, marital status, physical disabilities, and national origin. All required admission documents should be submitted to the Office of Provost / Admission. However, foreign students seeking admission to the University shall be required to submit their applications through the proper channel.
  • Candidates seeking admission shall submit application on the prescribed form, complete in all aspects and accompanied by the attested photocopies of the required certificates and documents and shall undertake to abide by all statutes, regulations, and rules framed and instructions issued by the University of Swat from time to time.
  • Application incomplete in any aspect or not supported by the required certificates, documents etc. or received after the last date fixed for the submission of applications for admission shall not be entertained.
  • University reserves the right to change its admissions policy as and when required without any prior notice.

Admission Procedures

  • Pre-admission form completed in all aspects, shall be submitted to the Provost /Admission Office within due date. Merit lists shall be prepared under the supervision of the university’s admission committee.
  • The candidate selected on merit will be issued admission form by the concerned department to be filled in by the applicant
  • The departmental admission committees of the respective disciplines will interview students according to merit lists provided by the Provost /Admission Office.
  • During the interview, the applicant shall present original documents with no exceptions. The concerned Academic Unit shall submit list of provisionally admitted students to the Provost /Admission Office and the Controller of Examinations for record, within twoweeks after the admissions process is completed.
  • Admissions shall be confirmed after verification of the academic documents by the concerned academic unit from the respective Boards/Universities (verification fee of the documents will be charged from the students).
  • Admission of a candidate shall be cancelled immediately, if any of his/her documents are found fake/bogus or in case of any other evidence of ineligibly.
  • The University reserves the right to rectify any typographical or clerical mistake at any time in the admission lists etc without incurring any liability. The concerned department shall be authorized to take such action under intimation to the Provost / Admission Office.
  • In general, three merit/waiting lists shall be prepared.
  • A student can be migrated to another department/discipline within the university within first week of the commencement of classes provided, that the candidate has applied for admission to that department, fulfils the eligibility criteria, be on the merit list of that department, and the aggregate marks of the student should not be lower than the last student admitted in the same department. In case, more than one applicant is interested in migration to the department concerned, the merit will be determined among the applicants. An additional Rs.1000/- shall be charged from the student as inter-departmental migration fee/discipline change fee. This migration will be subject to the NOCs by both Heads of Department / Chairperson and approval of relevant office and Competent Authority.
  • If any candidate fails to appear before the Admission Committee for admission, Interview and / or test, at the specified time and venue, he / she shall not be considered for admission and the seat shall be offered to the next candidate on merit.
  • In case of admission on reserve seats, the applicants / nominees shall apply through proper channel. If no candidate appears for reserve seats / quota then the HoD/ Chairperson of concerned department will convert reserve seats to open merit with consultation of Provost / Admission Office.
  • In case where no application/nomination is received for a reserved quota by the due date (last date for submission of admission application), any such reserved seats will be transferred to the open merit seats.
  • Admission on reserved seats should fulfill general conditions for admission in the University and must satisfy minimum admission criteria, prescribed for each degree program.
  • Candidates selected for admission must finalize the admission requirements within the notified period, failing which their right of admission will be forfeited and the seats will be offered to the next candidate(s) on waiting list.
  • If applicant is a government servant, he/she needs to produce N.O.C., from the concerned department along with the study leave, where required
  • The University may suspend any particular discipline due to insufficient number of applicants/any other reasons. In such cases, the applicants may be considered for admission to another discipline subject to qualify prescribed eligibility criteria, merit and availability of seats or else he / her may cancel admission.
  • A student/candidate enrolled, as a full time regular student in any of the degree program of the University shall not be allowed to take admission in any other degree Program of this University or any other University/Degree awarding institution simultaneously. In case of dual enrollment, a student will be liable for cancellation of one enrollment of his/her choice.
  • If a student fails to join a program during the first two weeks of the commencement of the semester as per announced schedule, his admission shall stand cancelled automatically without any notice and the seat may be allotted to another candidate from waiting list.
  • Foreign student shall be considered for admission after prior approval from the Ministry of Education and Government of Pakistan.
  • Whenever needed, the equivalence of academic qualification shall be determined by IBCC / HED or Equivalence Committee of the University of Swat.
  • All candidates selected for admission will be required to submit an undertaking, on a judicial stamp paper of Rs.50, as per specimen provided in the prospectus before commencement of classes.
  • The candidate who have missing years shall submit an affidavit stating that during this period he/ she have not taken admission in any other bachelor or master regular program.
  • The selected candidates will be required to pay their dues according to the approved schedule, failing which the offer of admission shall stand cancelled.
  • Within 15 days of completion of admission, the profile of all the newly admitted students alongwith the recommendations of the departmental admission committee shall be reported to the Vice Chancellor in the prescribed format by the Provost after due verification of their particulars and payment of dues for registration.
  • All admissions shall remain provisional till verification of all the credentials/information of newly admitted students by the Provost office. If any student is found guilty for submission of fake document(s), his/her admission shall be cancelled immediately.
  • University dues. (i) All newly admitted students shall be required to deposit University dues immediately after their interview and the initial verification of documents. (ii) Continuing students shall pay the University dues within one week of the start of each semester failing which will debar a student from attending the classes and will suspend his/her admission. The defaulters of the University dues will not be allowed to take the examination.
  • Each and every department shall be responsible to keep a separate personal file of each student admitted. The file shall contain an admission form signed by departmental admission committee along with other documents required at the time of admission. The complete record of student including sick leaves, copy of DMCs and Transcripts and any other document such as penalty record, character certificate, English proficiency record, reference letter, struct off record and cancellation record etc.
  • The concerned department shall present the student personal file to the Provost / Admission Office at the time of cancellation of admission or any other issue related to Provost / Admission Office or student affairs.
  • Foreign students (including those from Afghanistan) shall be considered for provisional admission subject to approval/clearance of relevant Ministries/ organizations of the Government of Pakistan.


The minimum general eligibility requirements are given below.

  • For Admission to Four Years Bachelor Degree Programs Admission to Undergraduate program BS / BBA is open to candidates who have passed the qualifying examination of any recognized Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, securing at least 45% marks in the aggregate or 50% marks/ equivalent CGPA (for other than annual system), shall be eligible for admission to the Bachelor Degree Programs.
  • For Admission to Two Years Master Degree Programs A person holding a 02 years bachelor/equivalent degree from any recognized University, with at least 45% marks (for annual system) or 50% marks/ equivalent CGPA (for semester system), shall be eligible for admission to the master degree programs
  • Some programs (BS and Masters etc) have additional admission criteria prescribed in the relevant scheme of studies. The admission criteria given by departments will be consider final and must be followed in letter and spirit.
  • A student must be a full-time student, must not be admitted in other institution, and must not indulge in any other activity/paid assignment without prior/proper permission of the University

Documents Required To Be Attached With Pre-Admission Form At The Time Of Admission For BBA /BS / M.A / M.Sc / B.Ed / M.Ed / BBS

Photo copies of the following documents duly attested by a Gazetted Officer (BPS-17 and above) must be attached with pre-admission form;

  1. SSC/HSSC/BA/BSc/BS or equivalent examination certificates.
  2. Character Certificate
  3. Domicile Certificate
  4. Two Passport Size Photographs
  5. Migration Certificate (Original for Registration Form)
  6. An undertaking as per specimen appended in the prospectus of University of Swat.
  7. Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) or Form-B of the candidate, and Father / Guardian.

The above stated documents shall also be attached with departmental admission form and Registration form for Examination.

In Eligibility

The following shall not be eligible for admission to BBA / BS (4 year)/ LL. B Law and Shari’a (5

year) programs:

  • Applicant’s having less than 45% marks in aggregate are not eligible for all the discipline irrespective of categories (Open – Reserved)
  • Those who have already completed two years’ bachelor’s degree (for BBA/BS/LL. B Law & Sharia (5 year) or those who have already completed Masters (2year) or BS (4 years) or a professional degree.
  • Those who have been rusticated/expelled under disciplinary rules by the University of Swat or any other university.
  • Those who are already on the roll of the University of Swat or any other university
  • Those who shall not qualify the concerned department defined admission criteria mentioned in prospectus.

Determination of Merit

Determination of Merit will be determined as follow:

  • Merit shall be determined on total marks obtained by the candidate in qualifying examination i.e. intermediate or equivalent for BBA / BS programs and Bachelor (14 year) or equivalent for M.A./ M.Sc programs.
  • Merit Shall be determined on the basis of highest marks obtained in last qualifying examination.
  • Ten marks shall be deducted from the candidate who has improved his / her marks last certificate / degree.
  • Twenty marks shall be added for Hafiz-e-Quran. To establish merit, test for the purpose shall be conducted by the University.
  • In case two candidates have equal merit, the one senior in age will be given preference over the other in admission. In case of same age the decision will be made on the basis of marks in SSC.

Instructions and Procedure for Submission of Application form (s) for Admission


  • The applicants are advised to fill/opt the priorities carefully because once filled, the Subject Priorities shall not be changed. An applicant can opt for a maximum of three priorities of subjects.
  • The priorities of the subjects shall remain intact till the applicant gets admission against his/her first priority OR finalization of the admission process whichever is earlier merit list shall automatically be shifted / adjusted accordingly if her / her name appears in a subsequent list (s) against the filled priorities.
  • In case of incorrect/misleading information or concealment of facts, the University shall have a right to refuse/cancel the admission and expel the applicant (student) from the University.
  • Afghan refugees seeking admission shall be required to submit their application form through Afghan Commissionerate /Ministry of Education. Their admission shall be over and above the maximum number of reserved seats, not above 01 in each program.
  • All new students admitted to the university are required to attend an Orientation program. This program provides the students with information regarding the university’s academic and administrative policies, procedures, facilities, services, responsibilities and student code of conduct.

Age Limit

  • Maximum age limit for admission to BS degree program is 22 years. A candidate beyond the prescribed age shall not be admitted unless age relaxation is granted by the Vice Chancellor under special circumstances up to a maximum of 3 years.
  • Maximum age limit for admission to Master’s degree program shall be 30 years. candidate beyond the prescribed age shall not be admitted unless age relaxation is granted by the Competent Authority under special circumstances.
  • There shall be no age limit for Female candidate at BS and Master level