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Mental Health Awareness Program

Consequent upon the approval of competent authority, Department of Psychological Studies (Main Campus and Women Campus) is organizing two days activities and seminars titled: “Mental Health Awareness”and “Suicidal Tendencies among Youth: Signs, Causes and Preventions”.  

These seminars are scheduled on Monday and Tuesday 25th and 26th Nov, 2019 at 10:00 am in PTCL Hall. 

You are cordially invited to participate. Please acknowledge this mail. 

The main objectives of the seminars will be:

·                     to strengthen the emotional, mental and spiritual well-being of the students,

·                     to raise awareness about the stress, depression and dangers of suicides,

·                     to equip students with effective strategies to manage emotions and

·                     to teach students on how to handle people who have suicidal tendencies.

The main contents to be covered in the seminars will be:

·                     Introduction of Stress, Anxiety and Depression; Signs, Causes and Prevention.

·                     Handling and Preventing Suicidal thoughts and Tendencies.

·                     Strategies of Improving Spiritual and Physical Mental Capacity

·                     Role of Religion in Prevention of Depression and Suicides

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