Revised Merit List for Remaining Laptops

The following students are requested to contact Directorate of IT for award of PMLNS laptop. The deadline is 17 September 2019.

Revised Merit List for Remaining Laptops (Provided by HEC)

kaleem ullahihsan ullahCenter for Management & Commerce3429619161 
Muhammad naseemSuhib ullahComputer and Software Technologies3431197254 
ALINA SHERINSHERIN ZADACollege of Home Sciences  
Muhammad Asimmuhammad IbrahimLaw & Sharia3459528264 
Akbar ghanisaid ghaniCenter for Agricluture Science and Forestory3489358012 
Ayaz Ahmed khanMuhammad Aqalmand KhanCenter for Plant Science and Biodiversity3415724891 
ABDUS SABOORABDUL QAHARCenter for Management & Commerce3369450829 
Muhammad AnisAbdul WahabCenter for Agricluture Science and Forestory3441099307 
Sumbal RashidRashid AhmedCentre for Biotechnology and Microbiology  
Farooq Azam KhanHamayun KhanComputer and Software Technologies3339301229 
Abdul Rehman Aziz BadshahAziz Ur RehmanForensic Sciences3489176480 
mehran hasanhasan nawabForensic Sciences3481926112 
HAROON BADSHAHMUHAMMAD GHANIComputer and Software Technologies3429188581 
Irfanullahmuhammad usmanComputer and Software Technologies3059383608 
ShafiullahJehangirComputer and Software Technologies3469731517 
Hemanshe Sethilakhmi dassCollege of Home Sciences  
Layaq ShahAdil ShahCenter for Management & Commerce3366551515